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We have a limited lifetime warranty, but some customers like to have extra parts on hand just in case for future-proofing, or in case they are disassembling/reassembling due to custom finishing.
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Battery Charger 2200 mAh Battery Vinyl Nozzle Caps
Battery Charger
Price: $29.99
2200 mAh Battery
Price: $29.99
Vinyl Nozzle Caps
Price: $2.00
Standard charger.
Standard battery.
Pack of 10.
O-Ring Copper Washers Check Valve/Snap Ring
Price: $2.00
Copper Washers
Price: $2.00
Used on fuel cap & tank threads.
Pack of 6.
One-way valve.
12V Relay Pilot Torch Hex Pipe Fitting
12V Relay
Price: $10.00
Pilot Torch
Price: $60.00
Hex Pipe Fitting
Price: $15.00
12 volt relay.
Isobutane pilot torch.
Aluminum hexagonal fitting with welded feed tube.
M-LOK T-Nuts Latch Thumb Screw Latch
M-LOK T-Nuts
Price: $10.00
Latch Thumb Screw
Price: $4.00
Price: $10.00
Set of four (4) M-LOK T-Nuts. Stainless steel knurled thumb screw. Stainless steel latch.
Roll Pins Internal Body Plate Trigger Switch Asm (XM42-M)
Roll Pins
Price: $2.00
Internal Body Plate
Price: $15.00
Set of 2 roll pins.
Separator plate inside XM42-M.
Momentary trigger switch assembly.
Power Switch Asm Fuel Cap Hose Clamp
Power Switch Asm
Price: $10.00
Fuel Cap
Price: $20.00
Hose Clamp
Price: $2.00
On/off illuminated power switch. XM42-M fuel cap.
Stainless steel hose clamp.